Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays

It was always going to be a dicey proposition for the Toronto Blue Jays. Taking on salary and players previously slowed by injury as they attempted to bolster their lineup as part of a big playoff push. There are no certainties in this world but the Blue Jays definitely seemed to add a lot of talent in exchange for many promising young players.

The Marlins would rebuild around some of their new toys from the Blue Jays vaunted farm system and the Blue Jays would make their charge towards the pennant.

One month into the first season after a deal is too early to officially judge a trade and decide winners or losers. Especially for this deal, which looks like it might end up with both sides taking the L.

If there was a doomsday scenario for both teams in the aftermath of this trade, it would look a lot like the reality here on May 3rd. Let’s recap the key pieces from this trade:

To Toronto To Miami

John Buck was subsquently traded by the Blue Jays to the Mets as part of the R.A. Dickey trade, and Yunel Escobar was sent to the Tampa Bay Rays in another deal.

For the Blue Jays, their side of the trade haul looks like this:

  • Jose Reyes – on the 60 day disabled list after an ankle injury suffered April 12th
  • Josh Johnson – placed on the 15 day disabled list yesterday with a biceps thing
  • Mark Buehrle – 6.43 ERA (6.33 FIP) with nine home runs allowed in six starts
  • Emilio Bonifacio – .171/.213/.300 triple slash line with three walks and 23 strikeouts, innumerable fielding misplays.

Not for nothing, but John Buck currently sits tied with Bryce Harper for second in the National League in home runs with nine.

Meanwhile, on the Marlins side,

  • Adeiny Hechavarria – placed on the disabled list on April 16th, made his return to the lineup last night. (went 1-4 with a triple, raising his season OPS to .553)
  • Jeff Mathis – broke his right clavicle during Spring Training, is yet to play for the Marlins, is still Jeff Mathis
  • Jake Marisnick – played five games between high-A and AA after breaking his hand during Spring Training
  • Henderson Alvarez – also yet to pitch for the Marlins after suffering from shoulder soreness during Spring Training, suffered a setback yesterday.

Only Justin Nicolino has made it out alive, boosting his prospect stock with some great appearances for the Marlins high-A affiliate in Jupiter of the Florida State League. Anthony DeSclafani also shows promise at the high-A level. Yunel Escobar is holding up his end of the “terrible trade” deal with the Rays, as his .173/.230/.284 line attests.

Oh by the way, the Marlins and Blue Jays have two of the three worst records in baseball right now. Yikes. Not worry, it isn’t as though Mark Buehrle has two more years and $39 million coming his way. There is still plenty of time for Jose Reyes to heal and resume stealing the hearts of Blue Jays fans while Hechavarria vacums up every ground ball in sight and Mark Buehrle remembers how to keep the ball in the ballpark.

But for now, it is a disaster in every way. On every front for nearly every player. It doesn’t look like it can get much worse but, given the two franchises involved, I’m quite sure they’ll find a way.

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  1. Ugh. Buerhle’s FIP is really upsetting. Maybe he misses Slater? Petition your MPP to allow pitbulls in Ontario… now!

  2. Just Nicolino has a 2.88 K/9 in 25 innings.

    • I feel like that won’t last, having struck out above-average rates in two previous seasons. More than a batter per inning, in fact.

      • Obviously he’ll regress, but I’ll bet like a lot of command pitchers before him, he’s K rate will never be as high again as it was in the low minors.

  3. As a general rule I don’t make bets with people… But I was tempted to make some bets with various Jays fans I know about Hechavarria…. There is no way he is gonna hit major league pitching based on his minor league numbers…

  4. Uh oh. A “look back on the trade” piece is usually written when your team wins something. This can’t be good.

  5. Best player marlins got might have been flipping escobar to the rays for dietrich who has a +400 OBP at AA.

  6. It cant get much worse? Ricky Romero is pitching tonight. Much worse is already here. We want Drabek and Hutchison back.

  7. I can make my peace with this if everyone is miserable.

  8. This actually cheered me up.

  9. face it the jays r a bunch of bums that only want to hit the long ball trade all the players you traded for they suck anyways look for hitters that hit for 290 or 300 batting % or ur done

  10. hahaha …already jumping off the bandwagon..worst fans in the league

  11. you won the world series in March anyways, so don’t feel too bad.

  12. Jays fans aren’t bad, they’ve just had to follow this miserable excuse for a franchise for 20 years with absolutely no results.

    Just move the team to Virginia or Mexico or something, this franchise has no place in Toronto anymore. All good will used up. Fuck ‘em.

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