Chipper Jones knows a rat when he sees one. That no good cheater Melky Cabrera took something he shouldn’t, disgracing the game and breaking the rules. Worse yet, the fool had the temerity to do so after he left the Braves, re-dedicating himself to the game after his brief time in Atlanta.

The nerve, I mean really.

For what it’s worth, Melky Cabrera already has two hits tonight, raising his OPS by nearly 70 points since the beginning of yesterday’s game. Almost as if he slumped to begin the season but is seeing the ball better and feeling better in his swing right now. But that can’t be it, can it?

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  1. I mean it’s not like he didn’t see MLB pitching for a half season and is coming to a more difficult division either. OPSis so accurate at 100 abs also.

  2. Cabrera has seemed to be a bit unlucky this year. A lot of line drives that have not turned into hits. Granted, his BABIP is now at 300, but in those early years it was sub-290 and in his last two years it was 332 and 379. That last value is obviously unsustainable, and will be the reason why people who want to point to steroids will probably get their wish. But a few more of those hard line drives drop in and he’s probably a lot closer to his recent production.
    He is putting the ball on the ground a little more often, but almost the same as last year, and his line drive % is just below last year and just above the previous year — the only issue is an increase in strikeouts (all small samples, but the point being there is no drastic change to explain the huge difference in OPS). I think we’re going to see something closer to an 800 OPS than a 600.

  3. and Olney’s comment is reasonable?

  4. “Almost as if he slumped to begin the season but is seeing the ball better and feeling better in his swing right now. But that can’t be it, can it?”

    Hard to Believe!

    A high babip is sustainable if a player is the type of guy who hits a tonne of singles and doubles and not many home runs. aka Cabrera. The PED crusaders need to decide what exactly this stuff does. Does it help you hit home runs? Does it help hit where defenders aren’t? The fact that they can use it as a catch all for any improved performance is simply lazy.

    • It’s almost like PEDs help you train better and improve your athletic performance, thereby increasing the amount of improvement you get from working on specific aspects of your game.

      What doesn’t make any sense given our experience with cyclists, swimmers, etc is that people still refuse to believe that PEDs can make you better at baseball. Or they claim to agree with the premise but obfuscate, as you do, that if you can’t point to a specific improvement that can’t have been accomplished via just training hard then you shouldn’t assume that PEDs make you better at anything, ever. Barry Bonds hit 73 home runs at age 36! For Christ’s Sake man! I know it’s circumstantial, but I’m not the goddamned cold case team – sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith with me that correlation can in fact mean causation.

  5. What sucks is I used to make fun of one of my friends saying Melky would never be more than a 4th outfielder (He grew up in New York). He always swore Melky would be really good one day.

    Problem is – he looks like a career 4th OF in Toronto – I wish I was wrong on this one

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