Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants

It might not surprise you to learn the San Francisco Giants swept the Los Angeles Dodgers this weekend, winning three straight one-run games. But they did, they’re the Giants. It’s just what they do.

It isn’t that the Giants have the best one-run game record in the majors, they’re actually second to the Rangers in terms of winning percentage. The Giants have now played more one-run games of any team in baseball, picking up nine wins in fourteen chances already in 2013. The return of torture!

It is the way the Giants seem to do it this year, coming from behind over and over and over again. Spotting the opposition three runs in the early going, only to storm back and take the game.

The Giants are in first place in the National League West, winners of six straight and coming off a sweep of their divisional rivals. Things in SF are, we could say, going well.

Two of the Giants three weekend wins over the Dodgers came via walkoff home runs, one from Buster Posey on Friday night and Saturday night saw Guillermo Quiroz fill-in as the hero. The Giants stage comeback after comeback, it seems like a different guy makes a difference every night. From Brandon Belt hitting late-inning homers to Brandon Crawford carrying the offense for two weeks, the Giants always seem to find a way.

Unlike the Orioles or Diamondbacks of years past, it requires less mental strain to picture the Giants maintaining this heart attack pace for some time. Steeled over years of tightly contested pitcher’s duels, the Giants rode their late-inning heroics to two World Series titles in the past three years. They earned the benefit of the doubt, in other words. That and all the talent on their roster. Buster Posey‘s walkoff was the first of his career, mostly because he is too busy getting it done during innings one through eight to require that sort of drama.

Life is Better at AT&T


Game Chart of the Weekend

Saturday night’s crazy Dodgers/Giants game, ending in the aforementioned tenth inning walkoff homer by the aforementioned Guillermo Quiroz.

Source: FanGraphs

Marketing Gimmick of the Weekend

Damn your clever eyes, Bristol suits!

Youth is Served in Anaheim

Baseball is a young man’s game. That was the message sent loudly and clearly this weekend during the series between a moribund, hopeless franchise and the Baltimore Orioles. Over four games in Orange County, Manny Machaco and Mike Trout took turns putting on various types of baseball clinics, both men hitting for power and playing the kind of defense we’ve come to expect from two names we need to get used to hearing.

They each totaled five hits over the four game set, knocking two homers each and swiping a base apiece. They walked and generally made nusiances of themselves all weekend long.

Trout hit two long home runs, one off Jason Hammell on Sunday afternoon to the rocks in left field, as seen below.

He also pounded a slider on the outside part of the plate to deep center field, which was sort of ridiculous. Manny Machado hit his own ridiculous homer, sending a high drive into the Orioles bullpen in left field on Sunday after sending a home run into the Angels bullpen Saturday when facing Tommy Hanson. Machado also added his requisite highlight reel defense, an all-too-common occurrence for the O’s third baseman.

They’re young and they’re good. Two of the best players in American League right now both happen to be looking forward to their 22nd birthdays. Which is super weird and ridiculous in an unnatural way.


Like Mike Trout, David Wright hit a big home run to center field. Unlike Mike Trout, David Wright turns around 97 and hits it about 460 feet to center off the best reliever in baseball with his team down one run in the ninth inning. He isn’t that young but this is crazy impressive.

All Sunday Lineup Team

Sunday is a day of rest of many big leaguers. Managers give rest to banged up players during Sunday day games, with travel on the horizon and eye towards the long grind of the season.

Unfortunately, this makes for some goofy lineups on Sunday afternoons for the regular paying customers. Here is a list of 10 of the worst. Some, like Miguel Olivo, you cannot do much about. Backup catchers need to play, if Miguel Olivo is your backup catcher, your problems extend well beyond Sunday.

Yuniesky Betancourt is an easy punchline but he’s actually hitting this year! Jokes on you, guy on the internet still using 2010 strawmen.

C – Miguel Olivo
1B – Yuniesky Betancourt
2B – Miguel Tejada
3B – Mark DeRosa
SS – Freddy Galvis
LF – Fernando Martinez
CF – Emilio Bonifacio
RF – Brandon Inge
DH – Hank Conger

Roy Halladay

The less said, the better.

Round and Round

Troy Tulowitzki‘s career numbers will look pretty weird when it’s all said and done. Weep not for the end of R.A. Dickey, as this is only the beginning for our intrepid hero.