There are few things in baseball more anticlimactic than a walkoff walk (unless you happen to know what “shrimp” means, then it’s TOTALLY THE OPPOSITE.) But for most, normal, functioning people, a walkoff walk is a missed opportunity to whoop it up and celebrate a dramatic victory.

The Toronto Blue Jays of 2013 have been just that – anticlimactic. After a roster overhaul landed them squarely in the middle of playoff favorites in the winter, the real baseball season has provided only heartbreak. Disappointment. Let down.

What better way for the Blue Jays to lose then by walkoff walk? Brad Lincoln misses low and the Rays win! The Blue Jays slink off the field as defeated men. The Rays, meanwhile, halfheartedly celebrate around Luke Scott, who drew crucial base on balls.

Walkoff walks are the best and the worst. The Blue Jays are mostly just the worst. At least they aren’t protesting a game against the freaking Astros, as Mike Scioscia‘s Angels are currently playing their game in Houston under protest after an illegal pitching change. Or something. God, what disastrous seasons for both these sad-sack teams.

To say nothing of the Astros, the team happiness forgot. Misery follows that pathetic outfit around like a lost puppy.

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  1. wait it’ll get worse. How about getting swept in Boston?

  2. *2013

    God what a clusterfuck of a season so far…

  3. Baseball has a tendency to be quite cruel at times (or if you’re a Blue Jays fan…every time).

  4. Last night just about summed up the Jays season so far , chance to do something not done in such a long time and win a series in Tampa , but no they walk the last 3 batters to walk in the walk off to tie the series
    Jays have a chance in Boston to beat the sunscreen less Red Sox who have gone 1 – 6 since being called out in Toronto.
    However will need the bats to really step up as with Ortiz and the out of sorts Burhle pitching in the first two Jays are going to need a lot of runs I suspect to have a chance

  5. Lawrie is a little f*cktard. Dude needs to get his head in baseball and out of twitter and trying to be ‘cool’.

    He is overly emotional and perhaps should just focus on baseball and not tellign fans to be quiet for criticizing or telling Zaun “he does what he wnats”.

    Lawrie needs to start acting like a pro or get shipped out. He is not helping this mess of a team.

  6. It just had to be Luke “Banana Chips” Scott, registered birther and confirmed douchebag.

  7. Getting swept by Boston do we call and end to any chances?

  8. The pitch tracker clearly showed the last batter was struck out. The fail bot behind the plate missed the call, as they regularly do. Tennis can get it right, why not baseball? It ain’t the “infallible” army. Umps make stupid mistakes.

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