Well if this isn’t just too cute I don’t even know what is. Something about Ryu brings out the best in people, be they K-Pop stars or little kids named Deuce.

This kid has quite an arm, I’m sure this clip will play well in his 2028 NL Rookie of the Year video montage.

Hat tip to Joe of Bleed Blue Crew

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  1. Amazing to see. That’s how easy it is to make a kids dreams come true. Why don’t all athletes do this stuff?

  2. I saw Cecil do this one time at Tiger Stadium. I was so jealous of that little punk.

  3. Yeah that was awesome. Also great throws by the kid. I would have missed a few…

  4. Kids got more command then rickey romaro

  5. And this is why players like that get ratings, by being a class act. Your a role model to so many so why not try and bring out the best in people that support you. Cool dude man .

  6. His role model Chan Ho Park did the same thing with the Dodgers jersey on. Really classy dudes.

  7. Deuce not Duece

  8. Kemp’s video was awesome the other day. Now Ryu, the hated Dodgers are building fans.

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