Minor League Baseball is giving fans the chance to cast their vote in a competition to declare the Greatest of the Gut Busters. Calories and high cholesterol levels for all!

MiLB is asking fans to vote on their website, or by using the hashtag #FoodFight. There are 16 food items to choose from, including the Lake Elsinore Storm’s ‘Homewrecker’ (pictured above), which is made of “three half-pound all-beef hot dogs, 1.5 pounds of French fries, two pounds of chili, three-quarters of a pound of cheese and diced onions and bacon”. On top of it all, the Homewrecker is free if eaten in 45 minutes or less. Sign me up.

Other highlights, er um, death sentences include the Corpus Christi Hooks’ The Babe sandwich, which is a hot and juicy cheddar wurst, wrapped in a hamburger, covered in far too much bacon, and stuffed into a fresh roll. Also: the Norfolk Tides’ Salute to Pork Challenge. That’s “four Doughties pulled-pork BBQ sliders, four 4 oz. cajun-smoked sausages, 12 Smithfield pork wings, and Smithfield bacon and chili cheese tots. If a challenger can consume this five-pound feast in one hour, the meal is free, the challenger receives four tickets to a future Tides game and his or her picture is displayed on the restaurant’s Wall of Fame”.


Someone’s going to get hurt here.

Head over to MiLB.com to view all 16 heart-clogging options.