bat flip greatness

There are bat flips and then there are Bat Flips. This is both. This is everything. This is all that a bat flip video needs to be. It is story. A saga of human achievement. The heights of euphoria and the depths of despair.

It is also encoded to prevent embedding. So we shall embark together on a journey. A journey to the very core of our own humanity. We will learn of both the agency of a man as well as his place in his realm.

Read on…

Hitting a baseball is really hard. Hitting a home run, when your team is down two runs in the ninth and a runner stands on base, is hard and important. Should a baseball player commit such a rare act, it is reason for celebration.

Fear not, men. For I, Jeon Joon-woo, have equalled the score. This is a moment we shall remember for all our days.


Did that ball not leap from my bat into the loving embrace of a Lotte Giants devotee? What cruel fate conspired to keep this drive within the confines of the field of play?

SALVATION! Where once we appeared vanquished, now we are one step closer to VICTORY! That brief flirtation with mortality will only make this triumph the more satisfying!


(Hat tip to @BenBadler for tweeting this bad boy out. and our own Scott Johnson for firing up the GIFs)

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  1. This post just made today feel like Friday. This day and all days to follow.

  2. I miss the KPB so damn much.

  3. just priceless…

  4. This post wins the internet. ALL OF IT.

  5. this is soooooooooooo awesome!

  6. I might as well book mark this post so i can come back to it on the regular

  7. After seeing that HR and this video …! I’m convinced they actually practice the bat flips over there.

  8. I wish we had the audio on that. I think it would just be fantastic!

  9. Great post! You really hit this one out of the park.

    …No, wait, it only made it to the warning track. Still, good effort.

  10. Total MXC moment

  11. As a Lotte Giants fan living in Seoul,
    this really was hilarious.

    I have to admit, Jun-Woo Jeon is always a bit overenthusiastic.
    May the legacy be RTed and RTed~~

  12. This just made me feel better….about everything.

  13. look on the guys face as he gets to first is hilarious.

  14. Hahaha wow that’s hilarious!!!

  15. Someone get me a GIF of the bat flip where the bat lands on the end of the barrel standing straight up, as if it had been magnetized. I’ve been trying to find one.

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