First, he came for our third baseman. Then, Vernon Wells came for our souls. The former dead money contract is now one of the best offensive contributors in baseball as we near the first quarter pole. Vernon Wells, inexplicably, owns a .387 wOBA and 10 home runs, hitting another in last night’s 12-2 loss to the Mariners.

He also owns a new notch in his infielder’s belt, as recovering five tool stud Vernon Wells played the infield for the second time this season, serving 1/3 of an inning at second base last night – while shortstop Albert Gonzalez pitched! Gonzalez coaxed a shallow fly ball from Robert Andino, showcasing low 80s cheese in his first professional pitching foray.

Never a dull moment with the Yankees, who also allowed reliever Brett Marshall to throw 108 pitches over 5.2 innings. The bullpen (and infielders) were pressed into duty after Phil Hughes recorded exactly one more out than the man who started the game at shortstop.

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  1. I like the look on the umpire’s face when Girardi comes out to explain the substitution: “You’re doing what?!”

  2. I love it when position players pitch.

    • I love it more when it’s NOT Jays position players pitching. We had the streak going for 3 straight years. And not just any other team was the joke of the highlilght reel… the YANKS – that’s Gold Jerry.

  3. I hate how I kinda like the Yankee’s but…I DO!!!

    Ichiro: Awesome
    CC: Awesome
    Joba: Unintenionaly hilariously awesome
    Mo: Awesome
    Cano: Awesome
    Vernon Wells: AWESOME!!!!!
    Youklis: Fucking shitbag scumbucket

  4. Dogs and Cats living together…

  5. Orioles continue to succeed, Wells plays the infield, Angels suck… WHAT IS HAPPENING TO BASEBALL?!?

  6. Only 3 more games at 3rd and people can start Wells at third in their fantasy leagues

  7. He announced he’s retiring so clearly he wants to do the Shane Halter thing before he hangs em up.

  8. Sometimes I read these headlines and I wonder if I’m dreaming, but no I’m not. Vernon Wells is awesome again and playing the infield. Wait…is Vernon Wells dreaming? Am I in Vernon Wells’ dream?!?!?

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