“I was really excited and then I felt like it was a dream”

This is nothing if not incredible. A heart-warming reunion between a US service member and his adolescent daughter. Delightful. Enjoy and then hug somebody who matters to you.

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  1. It’s a little dusty in here tho

  2. It… uh… got really dusty in here all of a sudden.

  3. I can’t be watching this stuff at work. I have to tell construction dudes that my allergies are kicking in.

  4. umm, yeah, uhh, I’m going to go do some manly things now…like spit and fight and eat beef. THEY’RE NOT TEARS, THEY’RE ALLERGIES SHUT UP

  5. Why does this water keep coming out if my eyes?!?!?!?

  6. GODDAMNITSOMUCHDUST…oh, we’ve all already gone there. yeah, so, i dunno if i’m a total mush-heart now that i have a 3yr old daughter, but shit like this gets me everytime. i know it’s coming, but GODDAMNIT, SO MUCH DUSTY…

  7. Yup, big softy with a 1 year old daughter up in here as well.

  8. My two year old daughter has turned me into a complete wuss, it’s a fact. We need some rain to knock down some of this dust, ridiculous in here right now.


    • The marriage between baseball and the military? It kind of does. Sorry to the feel good crew for being a downer.

  10. That guy needs to work on his framing skills.

  11. I didnt shed a tear. NOPE. Not at all. I promise. Not lying. Not a single tear. For real. I didnt.

    … ;_;

  12. Damn, doesn’t matter how many of these things i watch, it breaks me right down. I can’t imagine what’s gonna happen when i have my own kids, jesus. Hopefully we won’t have armies anymore by then.

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