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Miguel Cabrera is on a quite a tear as the second month of the 2013 season winds down. Last year’s American League Triple Crown winner is currently hitting .387/.457/.659 with 11 home runs and a .471 wOBA. It goes without saying, Cabrera is the best all-around hitter in the game today.

A former great, one with seven National League MVP awards to his credit, would agree that Cabrera is the best player in the game. It’s not even close, as Barry Bonds told USA Today‘s Bob Nightengale in a phone interview on Monday. Bonds just asks that we don’t get carried away and start comparing Cabrera to himself. There’s no argument to be made there, according to Bonds.

“He’s definitely the best. It’s not rocket science here. He’s the best. By far. Without a doubt. The absolute best. I don’t try to compare me to anybody. I was the best on the field. I did more things than he did. My game was different than his game. So comparing him, to me, there’s no comparison.

He doesn’t have my MVPs. He doesn’t have my numbers. Well, not yet, anyways. But does he have that ability? Yes, he does. Does he have that gift? Yes, he does.”

Never change, Barry Bonds, never change. Bonds, as is his wont, holds himself in high regard.

Not that I’m going to disagree with baseball’s home run king here. Bonds’ numbers speak for themselves. Cabrera is great, and his early 2013 numbers are absolutely staggering, but they’re nowhere near the totals Bonds put up between 2001-2004. In that span of four seasons, Bonds’ lowest WAR total was 10.1 (per Fangraphs measure).

Barry the king.

Something something PEDs/drugs/scary bad drugs argument. Go on, if you must.

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  1. Barry the King.

    Cabrera is amazing – but you can’t compare anyone to a guy like that until they’re done. Barry’s swing was legendary.

  2. I don’t think Barry says anything here that is untrue or inaccurate. And he basically says Miggy could be as good as him over his career.

    Also … stolen bases. 9 seasons of 30+ and once over 50 for Barry. Miggy passed 30 for his career last year.

    Anyway, say what you want about Bonds — he’s all right on this one.

  3. I guess they don’t count championships in baseball when debating who is the “best” since Cabrera actually won one.

  4. Careful Barry, that ego is making your head grow

  5. #BondsTheBest

    Never change Barry.

  6. Good to see that time has deflated Barry’s once oversized ego. I hope he makes the hall of fame just to hear his speech…”I was better than ALL Y’ALL!!”

    And yes, he was juiced later on in his career, but his overall numbers for most of his pre-roid seasons from (late 80′s to late 90′s) probably still stand up against Cabrera’s (I’m too lazy to look into this). Remember Bonds was the first member of the 500 HR 500 Stolen Base club in 1998 before he allegedly started juicing…something tells me Miggy will not achieve the 500 stolen base milestone. Bonds was just an all around phenomenal player.

  7. If Miggy continues the way he’s going and isn’t caught sticking needles in his asscheek, he’ll surpass ol’ Barry.

    • In what universe arrogant or not his numbers cement him as the best there ever was. He deserves to gloat a lot

  8. In addition to putting up 10.1 WAR seasons from 01 to 04, his OBP for those four seasons is .559
    In his first 10 seasons he averaged 29 HR and 34 SB per season, while striking out in an average of only 80 in an average of 604 ABs per season!

  9. So I guess we’re past that while “steroids make you see the ball better and thereby allow you to hit the ball more often, and likely farther.” Or should I just say the Jason Gianni couldn’t be reached for comment?

  10. Bonds is right in that he really can’t be compared to Miggy. A comparison would only be valid if Miggy was on steroids.

  11. I don’t understand this is america’s #1 past time its what most boys want to do when they grow up well I hope they do it like Miguel Cabrera and not barry bonds he is a disgrace to all baseball and all the fans that spend there had earned money to support baseball and as far as miguel I think your insulting him putting in the same group with bonds because the cheaters group has plenty people we just need to let barry bonds and lance armstrong fight it out to see who is best in there group

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