God bless the good people at MLB for dumping weird and wonderful videos onto their Youtube channel from time to time. This is a brawl between the A’s and Angels from 1995. It starts slowly as this donnybrook was more of a slow burn than an immediate mound-charging outburst.

It gets going pretty well, with pushing AND shoving and lots of angry faces. None angrier or crazier than Tony LaRussa.

Seriously, he looks like a maniac. Hit the jump for the crucial insanity GIF.

Amazing! He’s a lawyer so he’ll kill you and then find a loophole getting him off scot-free. The most dangerous creature of all.

Comments (4)

  1. Huh. So the manager was also on the juice?

  2. McGwire looks like he’s pushing the sled at football practice.

  3. Pretty funny that Chili Davis is now the hitting coach for the A’s.

  4. That’s what I look like when I discover the Jays are on sportsnet one.

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