Mat Latos is pretty easy to dislike as a baseball player. If he doesn’t play for your favorite team, he makes for a wide target for your scorn. His haircut, tattoos, and face in general scream “guy who isn’t fun to hang out with who also sort of likes it that way.”

Also: Mat Latos is a terrific pitcher. While he wasn’t quite at his best today against Matt Harvey and the Mets. 6.2 innings pitched, eight hits allowed, one walk and four strikeouts. The kind of day where Mat Latos needs his defense to pick him up a little bit.

When that defense didn’t quite pick him up, when a shallow fly ball allows a run to score via sacrifice fly, Mat Latos get a little upset. So upset that he feels the need to come back to the dugout when the inning ends and get into a very visible argument with right fielder Jay Bruce? It seems so. It is about the throw and its relative lack of quality?

Could be. Either way, Mat Latos hardly comes out of this smelling like a rose. Mostly because he looks like such a goddamn creep.


This Dallas Latos can tell because Mat texted her from the dugout? Shoutout to Mat Latos’ wife, fighting the good fight.

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  1. The nerve of you to post this before the podcast!

  2. Of course his wife’s name is Dallas.

  3. Can Cat Latos weigh in on this?

  4. Yeah, I can weigh in.

    It looks like two grown men discussing a play. There are no signs of it being a heated discussion, no hollering, nothing. Shin-Soo Choo is right there, and does not appear alarmed by the words being used. No other players came ver to cool the guys down, as one would expect if it was a nasty argument.

    It looks like somebody decided to stir up shit where shit does not exist.

  5. Fuck Mat Latos.

  6. That mohawk…ugh.

  7. “His haircut, tattoos, and face in general…” I like that his face was included in there too. His wife is obnoxious too.

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