Pittsburgh’s ROOT Sports launched a new television and web series titled ‘All Stars with Andrew McCutchen’ on Tuesday. The show features McCutchen interviewing ‘all stars’ from fields outside of sports, and the Pirates center fielder’s first guest was none other than celebrity chef, reality TV star, and author Anthony Bourdain.

Kudos to Bourdain for slamming ballpark beer prices. If it was up to Bourdain, he’d have very good beer at a reasonable price at his ballpark. You can own a ball team in my world any day, Mr. Bourdain.

McCutchen and Bourdain close this short segment out by discussing their love of junk food. McCutchen declared his love for Eggo Waffles and Bourdain informs us that he can’t get enough Popeye’s fried chicken. Swoon.

Via @TheCUTCH22