There is no real debate: Miguel Cabrera is the best hitter in baseball right now. Joey Votto might be close but, honestly, Cabrera is able to hit the ball out of the park with more regularity than the Reds prolific walk machine cum doubles addict.

Miguel Cabrera is so good because of his ability to hit essentially any pitch thrown to any location for power to any part of the ballpark. Like the above video, for instance, which Miguel Cabrera drives deep to the right field side of center.

Cabrera doesn’t get it all and appears to catch a stinger in his right hand in the process (as if he caught it on the end of the bat a little). The ball is a high drive that drives Michael Bourn all the way to the track. It appears Bourn has a bead on it until…he doesn’t. Clank, straight over the fence for a home run. One of the cheapest home runs you’ll ever see.

This is one that will live for the ages on the internets and on clip shows. The sheepish grins on the faces of both Cabrera and Bourn underlines the absuridity of the situation. Bourn is a sure-handed center fielder to boot, just not this time.

Enjoy your notoriety Michael Bourn. Just be glad you aren’t Jose Canseco – that guys a piece of shit who also had something weird happen in the outfield one time. But mostly he’s scum.