Heath Bell fielding a ninth inning bunt off the bat of Will Venable went about as well as you could expect for someone with Heath Bell’s physique. The Diamondbacks beat the Padres 5-2, and Bell picked up his seventh save of the season. I’d like to say I appreciate his effort on this play, but I really just love watching portly men belly flop.

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  1. Do you think speedy guys size up the pitcher and think to themselves “This dude is crazy unathletic, i’m gonna drop one right at him and force him to play it”? Not every time obviously, but it has to figure into their thinking if they have any history of bunting for hits.

    This is the first scenario ever in which I’d like to hear an interview on Dee Gordon’s or Roger Bernadina’s approach to hitting

  2. Can I have “portly men belly flop” for my next album title?

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