New York Yankees v New York Mets

David Wright is probably the best player in Mets franchise history. He is also the only non-Matt Harvey player on the Mets currently worth a damn. David Wright is quite good, in other words.

David Wright showed tonight how damn good he is when he lead his Metropolitans to victory over the Yankees in the latest edition of the heated tepid lukewarm ongoing Subway Series. David Wright hit huge triple, a very nice snare at third base, and a game-tying home run in the seventh inning. A huge night by any standard.

As if that wasn’t enough, David Wright also took it upon himself to make the night/month/young life of one diehard fan. Which is to say, David Wright is pretty awesome.

GIF courtesy of @MetsKevin11 via your boy @EarlManwich

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  1. I was at the Canada-USA WBC game in 2009 and was sitting behind the American dugout, at the end of the game he threw up his batting gloves to me, a 14yr old kid who had just started getting into baseball, he is a great dude in my books and will be forever.

  2. Best player in franchise history? Hyperbole much? What about Seaver or Ryan? Gary Carter? Even more recently Mike Piazza? David Wright is really good, but that`s a very eminent list of names to leap over.

    • Piazza was a Dodger first, Carter an Expo. Nolan Ryan had his glory years elsewhere. Tom Seaver is the only one who has a claim and even he spent almost as much time in other uniforms. David Wright is the franchise leader in WAR among position players. A Mets fan I know said the very same thing earlier that night. Hardly hyperbole.

      • He also passed Reyes for most triples in the subway series vs the yanks right?

      • You said best player, not lasted the longest with one team. All those I mentioned were much more talented and better players of the game of baseball than David Wright. You could also throw in Doc Gooden who had his best years with the Mets. The Mets have won absolutely nothing with David Wright. At least with Seaver, Ryan, Carter, Gooden and Piazza they actually went places.

        • So it is David Wrights fault he plays on a crappy team?

          This is baseball, 1 player can’t carry a team largely full of quad-A All Stars to anything meaningful.

        • (The answers are in the parentheses.) Did Barry Bonds win a World Series with the Giants? (Nope.) Steroids aside, was he the best player for the Giants ever? (Yes.) Then what is different here, with the Mets? (Nothing.)

  3. Amazing to see star players like Wright and Matt Kemp taking a few minutes of their time to brighten the days of their fans.

    Huge thumbs up to Wright and players like him.

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