Cincinnati Reds v San Diego Padres

The getaway day edition of the Getting Blanked podcast – because we’re trying to GET AWAY to watch day baseball. Clever wordplay is always in style, friends. We talk about Memorial Day baseball, the Diamondbacks (again), David Wright and the growing legend of Brandon Phillips.

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  1. I made a comment about the ugly uni’s. Apparently that means I’m a filthy communist enemy of Muuuurica. Who knew?

  2. Okay, a lot of national writers aren’t going to embrace things like wRC+ or FIP or whatever, that’s fine, i suppose there’s an audience for narrative as well. I’m not about to tell people how to enjoy baseball. But why on earth is it so hard for people who watch and retell baseball for a living to understand that you can’t collect RBI without R’s to BI? Without a R(unner) there can be no one to come I(n) and all you’re doing is B-ing. Phillips is a great B-er who gets all the Rs in the world to send I. Votto and Choo are so incredibly good at becoming R’s! Also Zach Cozart is a baseball player who hangs out with them.

    • I feel the same way. Its writers and announcers unwillingness to accept something different that bothers me. Like you, I’m not looking for people to take seminars on wRC+ or win expectancy. What would be great is basic fucking logic when it comes to things like pitcher wins or RBI. There are times when Buck and Tabs will point out the inefficiencies in those statistics, and then go right back to them the next fucking inning. It’s so frustrating.

      • What we really, really need is Baseball Prospectus or Fangraphs to expand into announcing, and come up with a couple crews to call games. Oh god i would pay so many dollars for that. Holy crap. Fairservice, bring back Prop Hate! One person wins, two people have to call a Rockies-Astros game and post the recording.

  3. A pronounced lack of sleep may be hindering my eyesight, but I do not see the podcast on iTunes….

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