There is no end to my enjoyment of Adrian Beltre. He’s a Hall of Fame-calibre player who also plays with plus √©lan and plus plus joie de vivre. He might not get into the Hall of Fame but, as I tweeted on the weekend, I want to join the BBWAA just so I might cast a Hall ballot in favor of Adrian Beltre (and Scott Rolen, too.)

When it comes to screwing around on the field, Adrian Beltre is an 80-grade hero. This weekend he battled friend and former teammate Felix Hernandez and nothing but good times resulted.

Good times pretty much follow Beltre around, as this incredible GIF gallery by Fangraphs’ newest GIF wizard DShep25 clearly demonstrates (as does this buzzfeed thing which is much less cool because buzzfeed.)

Please click through and enjoy all that Adrian Beltre has to offer. I quite literally almost chocked/died laughing at some of them.