Well, not just ended. But the latest finish in Busch Stadium history is the delightful by-prouduct of the weird and wonderful interleague schedule, a game won the Kansas City Royals 4-2 after more than five hours of rain delays. Turns out the weather in St. Louis was less than cooperative last night. The game began with an hour-plus delay. Then Michael Wacha bamboozled the Royals for a while, then the Cardinals bullpen aired the Cards dirty laundry for all to see (their bullpen is kind of bad) and then the rains came again.

And, because this is the final matchup between these two teams this season, they waited. And waited. And then they finally were able to play but they had to wait for the field to be rendered playable. So they waited some more.

They waited to play out half an inning between the best team in baseball and a team mired in a 4-19 slump. They waited until the middle of the night, they waited until the stadium was effectively empty.

There was lightning and there was heroism and there was Jeff Francoeur hitting a game-tying home run in the ninth. There was weird baseball and there as a game that featured two hours and twenty-seven minutes of gameplay and five hours and thirty-five minutes of delay. There was magic.

They waited and then the Royals won. The Royals won because they begged the umps to keep the game going. A new rule would have, if the game was called during the long delay during the middle of the ninth inning, reverted back to the previous completed inning, giving the Cardinals the victory. So they waited it out, wanting to decide the outcome “on the field.” And the Royals won, at 3:14am Central time, the only way they could: by pummeling their opponents to death with the cruel passage of time.