This week’s collection of .gifs from around baseball is sure to set your browser on fire. It’s all thanks to a lengthy exception at the bottom.

We kick this instalment off with a home plate umpire Manny Gonzalez taking a ball off the balls, because men getting drilled in the groin with objects will never cease to be funny.

MOAR movie pictures after the jump

Watch that bump

Cutch owns

This week in Ryan Zimmerman can’t throw a baseball

The erotic nature of Tyler Skaggs’ curveball

Disbelief of the week

Coello’s magic forkball

Mike Trout pauses for a ‘shup

Exception of the week

Comments (9)

  1. As if Fridays weren’t awesome enough.. this post is why I stick around at work.

    PS what’s up with DJF? it’s complete garbage now.

  2. Ironically, I had “Separate Ways” stuck in my head for most of yesterday.


  4. This is by far the best exception GIF in the history of Friday week in GIFs

  5. Should we maybe consider the sbnation style of posting gifs where they only play when hovered upon? would save my browser some sweat, tears, and feces-stained underwear.

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