Houston Astros v Colorado Rockies

Here’s a new thing worth trying out on a Friday: midday links! Some of the best stuff to come across the Getting Blanked news desk over the past few hours and days.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia – not great but hard to improve upon. Such is the state of catching in the big leagues. [Providence Journal]

Two of the best rotations of all time are 2013 clubs. [Fangraphs]

The DJF podcast returns as things are just about to get…worse and/or better! [DJF]

This is a well crafted story built around what is a series of mind blowing pull quotes. Shin-Soo Choo is amazing. [Reds.com]

Harper, Trout, Machado: who ya got, Baseball Prospectus writers. [BP]

Does “Mike Trout, left fielder” change you vote at all? That’s reality, sadly. [Neyer]

Speaking of BP, amazing managerial faces are amazing.

Which draft prospects have 80 tools? [Baseball America]

A mixed booth? Like, broadcasters from both teams? No thanks. [Camden Chat]


Lyle Overbay, bellwether. [Brisbee Nation]

Carlos Gomez, valuable dude.