Remember one week ago when we sort of poo-poo’d the idea of Lyle Overbay playing outfield for the Yankees? With platoon split-crazed Indians starter Justin Masterson taking the hill for the Tribe tonight, it looks like Lyle Overbay gets the call in the outfield.

Overbay, as stated above, played some outfield in college and possesses an uncommon cannon for a throwing arm. Range? It’s right field at Yankee Stadium. Where any ball hit in the air to right is going, you don’t need range in that bandbox. Add in lefty Andy Pettitte on the hill for the Bombers and Lyle Overbay should do a lot of standing, a lot of flop sweating, and not too much else.

Unless, of course, he doesn’t. Maybe the ball will find him as it seems to find so many other out-of-positions statutes thrust into unfamilar roles due to injury or desperation. Either way, I’m sure the Yankees will be fine. Please see the precedent-setting legal case of Vernon Wells v. Second Base.