joey votto agency

MLB Trade Rumors is an indispensable resource for just about any baseball fan. Unlike other rumor-based sites, it plays the role of aggregator to a tee. Former editor Ben Nicholson-Smith recently left MLB TR but they roll on, still bringing the latest and greatest in trade talk to plugged-in baseball fans.

MLBTR doesn’t just process the news, they create tons of their own content on a regular basis. In this respect, it is an oasis in the internet churn desert.

Not content to just take over the world of page views, it appears Tim Dierkes and MLBTR are moving on up in the world – following in the footsteps of Jay Z to become player agents. The (fan-sourced) contracts section on Joey Votto’s Fangraphs player page lists MLBTR founder Tim Dierkes and former editor Ben “Benny Fresh” Nicholson-Smith as Joey Votto‘s agent and agency on his current $200 million contract. Even at 4%, that’s a nice chunk of change!

I don’t think Votto’s actual agent Dan Lozano needs to sweat, as this appears to be just a simple data entry error. But still! Watching MLBTR grow and expand, I wouldn’t put this past them in the not-so-distant future.