And with that Earth-shaking thunderclap, Vernon Wells‘ OBP dipped below .300. Even though they all knew it was coming, it STILL scared the Yankees Scarier yet: they have to keep playing him.

Tease as we might, the Yankees got all they needed out of Vernon Wells. They stayed above water when all their starters were out. The inevitable regression (at the speed of sound, apparently) won’t surprise anyone, least of all the Yankees front office who saw their best case scenario play out.

Now, if they have to continue relying on him, well that’s a whole ‘nother matter.

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  1. Guarantee the thought process went: terrorist bomb!!! No wait, thunder. Look cool, look cool.

    • Yeah, that thought process does take a bit of the fun out of watching grown men flinch in the face of thunder.

  2. The dead cat doesn’t bounce very high at all the second time it hits the ground, does it? If I remember my Physics, the co-efficient of restitution, something something, inelastic dead cat, something something, lumpy Vernon Wells, etc.

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