Well, uh, this won’t end well.

Multiple ESPN sources report, both on twitter and the Outside the Lines site, that MLB is moving to suspend Ryan Braun, Alex Rodriguez, and as many as 20 (!) other players related to the Biogenesis clinic in Miami. Terry Quinn tweets the head quack Tony Bosch will roll over on multiple former clients and send the baseball world back to the stone ages.

Yikes. The report linked above provides details of the case but only serves up names “under scrutiny”. Quinn’s twitter timeline features an assumed chronology for how this whole thing will unfold.

Obviously more as this story develops, provided it does. Things are going to get suppppppper weird in the baseball world this week. Get your one sentence paragraphs ready, they’re coming a-condescending.

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  1. Will anyone think of the children? Get high on life, not kife

  2. First the Rob Ford video goes missing and now this.

  3. Another ‘leak’ in a confidential process….

  4. The comments section on that ESPN article is brutal.

    Also, hasn’t Melky already served his time?

  5. Great, now Jesus Montero will NEVER have a chance at the HOF.

  6. If Bosch is technically, barely, a “doctor”, how can his testimony against his own clients possibly be legal? Isn’t there doctor-patient confidentiality, ESPECIALLY in regard to substances that aren’t illegal? You’re allowed to completely sell out patients just because their employer wants to find out everything they’ve been prescribed, for the purpose of publicly punishing and shaming them? This is out of control.

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