Up from the Getting Blanked .gif archives, it’s nine glorious bat flips. Between David Ortiz dropping the lumber and Domonic Brown’s surge of sluggery, bat flips are totally like the coolest thing going.

Oh, and page views. Page views are hip, too. Gimme your eyeballs. MOAR flips after the jump

El Oso Blanco cares not for your body of work, Roy Halladay

Prince Fielder with an emphatic flip-drop

Dom Brown got style

Carlos the king

Edwin Encarnacion ain’t afraid of pimpin’

Michael Morse is all man

Don’t tell Cody Ross it’s Spring Training

Warning track power bat flip

Comments (13)

  1. <3 El Oso Blanco.

  2. Ortiz needs you to find him a harder game to play.

  3. Warning track bat flip is by far the greatest

  4. Prince is the King of bat tossing…

  5. So Eddie’s bat never leaves his hands.. EXPLAIN YOURSELF

    • Also that game is from last year.. seriously wtf.

      • Where did it say “bat flip gifs of 2013″? Quentin’s is from last season, too. We have KBL representation as well. Cody Ross with the Red Sox! Maybe we dipped into the archives, as noted at the top of the post.

  6. I’m just waiting for Gattis to warning track one – not because I don’t find his flips just teh best – but because some of them aren’t really sure things.

    Seriously, though. Guy is fun to watch.

  7. is that the oso blanco that gave the jays batters shit last week for watching the ball fly? (yes.) (confirming everything about the barves.)

  8. I have taken 23 minutes and counting. Captivating!

  9. Best bat flip ever: Delino DeShields (Sr.) walking with the bases loaded to drive in a run (the winning run? I can’t quite remember) and being ejected on the spot for throwing his bat about 30 feet in the air. I wish I could remember enough about the game to find it.

  10. Fielder has truly perfected the art. Not just a “get that shit outta here” bat toss, but a swing, flip, strike-a-pose awesomeness. Nailed it.

  11. Where was Dominic Brown running to?

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