Legendary Dodger Broadcaster Vin Scully Throws Out Ceremonial First Pitch At Dodger Game

Vin Scully is, I think most would agree, a living legend. There are not many iconic broadcasters who earn as much universal praise and adulation as the venerable Dodgers play-by-play man. Scully famously covered Dem Bums when they were still in Brooklyn before moving west with the Dodgers in 1958.

Scully instantly forged a bond with Angelinos, a bond which only grew stronger over more than 50 years and an unthinkable amount of baseball games. Spending 3/4 of his life in LA doesn’t mean Vin Scully isn’t still a New Yorker, however.

With the Dodgers scheduled to make their first ever trip to Yankee Stadium this June, there was a lot of hope that Vin Scully would accompany the team. Scully doesn’t typically travel much beyond Southern California these days, only making the Dodgers regular trips to San Diego, Arizona and San Francisco but it seemed like a trip back to Yankee Stadium might be in order.

Scully said as much himself when deciding to return for the 2013 season, telling the LA Times and others that if his wife travelled with him, he would “like to see Yankee Stadium and the Dodgers and the Yankees. That’s the one thing I might add to the schedule.”

With the series in New York just a few weeks away, the 85-year old opted not to travel with the Dodgers for two night games in New York, citing the travel rigors and relative importance of division games against the Padres as factors in his decision.

Amazingly, Scully will participate in a twitter chat during the Yankees games, dictating his answers over the phone to “the Twitter guy.” Which is sort of amazing but sort of a bummer, too. For the history of the thing, if nothing else. Why should Mariano Rivera get a victory lap and not ole Vin? A travesty, I say.