Upon first glance, it appears as though John Hirschbeck may have taken a baseball to the groin area (read: ‘nis). The ball actually hit him in the wrist, which is better, I suppose. Whatever the case, John Hirschbeck probably won’t be handling the goods for a day or so.

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  1. Tell you what, Hirschbeck did a better job getting his hand in front of that ball than the catcher did. That ball was about as flat and straight as you can get it. Though talk about missing your spots.

  2. I don’t know how much we can blame the catcher, he was set up waay outside, off the plate entirely, and the pitcher missed inside by a good six inches from the strikezone. That is certainly one hell of a missed target

  3. i respect the amount of urgency shown by the catcher to check on Hirschbeck, i wouldnt have cared that much

  4. the ‘nis!!!! roflcopters!

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