Wow. That’s pretty much all I got here: wow. What else needs to be said? Enjoy the Yasiel Puig ride while it lasts. Unless, you know, it lasts forever and we’re witnessing a superstar being born in real time.

Either way, opposite field homers are always in fashion. This Puig character seems okay to me. Two curtain calls in one game? That’s next level business right there.

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  1. Holy hell! I want to know his time around the bases.

  2. I believe it is a “curtain call” – like for actors, rather than a current call – like for nobel prize laureates in Physics.

  3. I can think of a prospect who hit two homeruns in his first major league game…I think we know how that story went…

  4. HA wow those were some excellent calls from both booths. “Who’s writing the script for this kid???” “Havana Cuba has arrived!”
    Love it

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