URL Weaver: Making History

Baseball has been around for a long time. A really long time. Baseball has been around forever and each team plays a million games a year – after a while, just about everything happens at least once.

Kyle Seager is a very lucky man. Yesterday against the Chicago White Sox, Kyle Seager performed a baseball first! How many players can actually say that? Kyle Seager can, he became the first ever player to hit a game-tying grand slam in extra innings.

Source: FanGraphs

This crazy contest between two mediocre teams featured a whole fleet of firsts. The Mariners became the first team to ever score five runs or more to tie a game in the 14th inning or later and this was the first game to ever score five runs in an extra frame after going scoreless through regulation play.

Of course, this insane comeback was rendered futile by the Mariners inability to actually win the game, as the White Sox scored two in the 16th inning to take the win, 7-5. Addison Reed, the Pale Hose closer who blew the five run lead, stuck around to grab the win after throwing 55 pitches over three innings.

Lost in the Mariners ineptitude, Kyle Seager is quietly becoming a very solid Major Leaguer. He’s put up a higher fWAR than all but five third baseman since the start of last season, hitting 28 home runs and posting a 114 wRC+ across that time frame.

He’s the best Marines position player in just his second full season at the big league level. Seager was a third round draft pick of the M’s back in 2009, rising quickly to make his big league debut in 2011.

Being the best non-Felix Mariner isn’t quite the achievement it once might have been, but it is something Kyle Seager will carry for now. Sure, his team is pretty bad and they couldn’t even capitalize on the extra inning momentum his rare salami provided (either his homer killed that rally or momentum in baseball isn’t really a thing, it could be anything at this point).

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