A fan in San Diego lept into some shrubbery in pursuit of Jason Heyward’s second home run ball of the night. This is by no means an effective souvenir retrieval method, but hell, it will sure as shit get you a look on SportsCenter.

Here it is in GIF form for looping lulz purposes…

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  1. There’s something about a bunch of grown adults going absolute apeshit over a baseball that’s both fun to watch and a little bit sad.

    • far far greater battles have been fought over much much less than a stray baseball

      that is sad

  2. “hhhuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrr! Deerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp!” *thud*

  3. He came out looking like a goof, but you know what?


  4. Calm cool approach in potentially random situation: 1
    Chaotic random approach to random situation: 0

    If only bowling over a 6 year old was part of it.

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