It must be weird to have a professional athlete in your family. Brandon Crawford‘s family showed up at PNC Park in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, it wasn’t to watch Crawford and his San Francisco Giants. They were there to witness Gerrit Cole‘s Major League debut, just like everyone else.

Crawford’s sister, Amy (black sleeveless shirt, enormous gold watch, face twisted in confusion), is fan of both the Giants and Pirates, as her brother plays for the World Series champions and her boyfriend just happens to be fellow UCLA alum and MLB debutante Gerrit Cole. This helps explain the conflicted look on her face as she applauds her brother’s single, which came at the expense of her partner.

“It’s my two favorite teams, and he’s totally my brother, I dunno”. Look, Amy, you don’t have to keep up appearances because your mom is sitting beside you. You root for your boyfriend ahead of your older brother. Just think of all the torment you surely suffered at the hands of your older brother who also happens to be a world-class athlete. You can’t pick your family, Amy. Go with your heart.