Last night’s game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Dodgers got ugly after after Ian Kennedy threw at Zack Greinke’s head in the seventh inning, causing both benches to empty.

It was a HBP-filled evening. Cody Ross was hit by a pitch earlier in the game, then Yasiel Puig took one off the face, which led to Greinke planting one between Miguel Montero’s numbers… to which Kennedy would retaliate in the most idiotic of manner by throwing at Greinke’s melon.

It’s a safe bet that we’ll see some fines and suspensions today. I’d start by tapping the pocket books of both managers, and giving Kennedy a suspension that would cost him a couple of starts. The old retaliatory beanball is one thing, but to intentionally throw at someone’s head is dangerous and inexcusable.

Now that the entire sequence of events has been declared moronic and dangerous, allow me to highlight a few things from the battle royale that took place:

  • Don Mattingly tossing Alan Trammell to the ground like he’s the 1987 AL MVP runner-up
  • Mark McGwire getting in the faces of Kirk Gibson and Matt Williams, simutaneously
  • Williams giving McGwire some sort of “I don’t want any of this” response
  • Ronald Bellasario throwing wild haymakers
  • Turner Ward nearly getting thrown over the top rope near the dugout
  • Vin Scully uttering “No need to call out their names…they’re all there.”
  • Bunch of grown men acting like imbeciles

Oh, and a baseball game was played, too. The Dodgers rallied from behind to down the Diamondbacks 5-3.

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  1. Kennedy should be gone for 3 weeks

  2. Seriously – Kennedy hit both Puig and Grienke in the head. He should be gone for a good long while.

  3. I’m sure Kennedy got a gruff “attaboy” from Gibby in the locker room after.
    Old Time Baseball. Ruining lives since the 18th century.

    • I dunno man. I think even old timey baseball doesn’t really condone going for the head most of the time.

      • yeah, it probably got away from him. Not to say that he wasn’t aiming for his ribs to start with, but it probably got away from him

  4. Is it just me or did Montero look legitimately apologetic to Grienke? Maybe he know it was going to hit him, but didn’t expect Kennedy to go for the KO?

  5. McGwire looked to be in a rage of some sort.

    Also, Turner Ward has as many rings as Matt Williams and Alan Trammell combined. Gotta love baseball.

  6. Well, silver lining to the whole mess is, at least it was free beach chair night at Dodger Stadium.

  7. 50 game suspension for first hit to the head; 100 for the second? far more dangerous – and ruinous to the game – than doing drugs. borderline sociopathic.

  8. Re:Bunch of grown men acting like imbeciles

    Watching Old Timey baseball is waaaay more entertaining than sitting on a moral high horse.

  9. Way to go Dodgers…first the Pads and now the D-Backs. Losing breeds futility. Maybe Greinke should just stay out of big games, which for the Dodgers is every game. Here’s to Dodger fan looking up from the cellar…maybe you can go to war with the Marlins when they roll in, picking on a dog more your size.

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