There is nothing about this video that isn’t tremendous. A young boy in Kansas City, stricken with a rare blood disease which makes taking in live baseball games difficult. Big Data, stepping up in an attempt to do a good thing and score some good PR. And, most importantly, the words “telerobotic” appearing on and, now, Getting Blanked.

The A’s and reliever Ryan Cook teamed with Google to provide Nick LeGrande the chance to throw out the first pitch in Oakland before an A’s/Yankees game…from his home in Kansas City.


Google Fiber helped construct an indoor miniature baseball field at his home, complete with a set of bleachers and grass straight from Kauffman Stadium.

When Google’s pitching machine was wheeled out to the mound before the A’s faced the Yankees, LeGrande was part of the experience thanks to the live feed on the machine’s camera.

With family, friends and his doctors in his ballpark’s stands, LeGrande then threw a ball across a sensor that signaled for the machine at the Coliseum to propel the ball into the glove of A’s reliever Ryan Cook, who helped bring the opportunity to the attention of the A’s organization.

Amazing. Just amazing. An inspirational story no matter which way you look at it. Science, man. It’s all right.