Here’s your weekly dose of animated goodness, sure to force your browser to collapse on itself. We lead with Evan Gattis knocking the dust of a spheroid. Impressive.

Big thanks to Scott Johnson and theScore news hounds for the contributions to this week’s set. MOAR GIFs after the jump

Have another one bud!

Pedro Alvarez would prefer if you watched the damn game

Best in fan effort

The enthusiastic strike two call of the week

Beardo says no

Royal Rumble of the week

Ball physics

Via @DShep25

The exception of the week

Comments (13)

  1. How many weeks out do you have the “exception of the week” planned?

    • It’s usually something I put together at night before publishing. Occasionally, we’ll come up with something a week in advance. I made today’s about a minute before the post went live.

  2. I love how Beardo is literally giving zero fucks on this fly ball catch.

  3. that pitch to joey bats defies logic. i’m thinking that maybe – MAYBE – hitting is hard.

  4. Bautista’s expression is priceless.

  5. What, no awesomeness yet about enthusiastically diving into a bush?
    I love that Rosenthal appears to be checking that Mets fan’s crash, then quickly back to the pitch – that’s focus!

  6. I love this goddamn post. May the exceptions continue to be exceptional.

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