It appears as though Manny Ramirez is finished with baseball in Taiwan. Devoted Manny in Taiwan blogger Brandon DuBreuil relayed a series of reports early this morning, noting that Ramirez is expected to leave the country on June 21.

I guess this means it’s the end of the over-the-top home run calls and unique sliding technique highlights…

This doesn’t spell the end of Manny Ramirez in baseball, though. DuBreuil cited a Yahoo! Taiwan report on his blog that hinted at the slugger departing for Japan. This has not been confirmed by his Taiwanese club, the EDA Rhinos.

Ramirez will finish his Taiwanese career with a .352/.422/.555 hitting line. He also clubbed eight home runs in 182 at-bats.

No, I will not give up on my dream of Manny wearing an eye patch while stumbling around the outfield for the Pittsburgh Pirates.