You know that hill in centerfield at Enron FieldMinute Maid Park? It’s pretty much the dumbest thing in baseball and the worst part of the tricked up (but lovely, I’m sure) ballpark in Houston.

One day, somebody less capable than Carlos Gomez is going to run up that hill and they won’t make a terrific catch, as Gomez did. Some poor schmuck will traipse up that incline and everything will go horribly wrong, resulting in naught but twisted limbs and ligaments rather than the wry smile/look of amazement worn by Gomez after reeling in this long drive.

And then, somebody will realize this goofy gimmick in the goofiest, gimmickiest park in the league should go.

It will be too late for that chump but not too late to admire Carlos Gomez for making a great play. Way to go, Carlos. That was pretty cool.

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  1. Pretty sure I remember Craig Biggio doing a face plant out there years ago…

  2. If you’re going to go with a gimmick in centrefield, I say forget the hill – put in a pit instead.

    “Deep fly ball, Gomez going back – Oh, he’s fallen into the Warning Moat.”

    • They could rotate all sorts of things down there. For the first few months, maybe it’s water so the CFers can get used to it without ending their seasons (read: lives).

      Slowly the water is lowered, until it’s a dry pit. Then you can switch between snakes, predatory animals like crocodiles, or a number of spikes.

      By September, you could have, like, a couple of bears or something. Guaranteed sell-outs.

  3. Jesus, 436 feet out to centre.

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