Here’s your weekly dose of browser crashing baseball GIFs. Big thanks to Scott Johnson and theScore news hounds for their contributions. We’ll let angry Blue Jays beard man take you away.

MOAR GIFs after the jump

Y’all gonna make me go all out Uptons here, Uptons here

Via Erik Malinowski

Cody Ross bat flip of the week

Twins ball boy goes up for one

A Marte Partay

Poor dumb Astros fan can’t even fall right

Bird flip/karate chop of the week


Amairsta scores a 7.5 for the catch, perfect 10 on slide

Exception of the week

Comments (10)

  1. Best part of Cody bat flip, which I didn’t notice until my second viewing is that he flipped it towards the opposing team’s dugout.

  2. Love how the poor Astros fan buddy gives him a solid “hell yah” fist pump after his fall.

  3. That Twins ball boy catch is pretty unbelievable.

    • Would love to have that clip go a couple seconds longer and see him shatter his tailbone on that stool

  4. Those Upton guys must be brothers

  5. Twins Ball Boy + Karate Chop = Day Made.

  6. That karate chop is ruthless. Do not cross that woman.

    Also, first rate move from the top buckle.

  7. It’s Y’all gonna make me lose my mind.

    What the hell?!

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