SO MANY DODGERS JOKES. JUST, TOO MANY TO PROCESS. Zombies received the ceremonial first pitch in San Diego last night, which is surely a coincidence considering World War Z hits theatres today.

Call me a sap but I think this is actually really fun/funny. Though the zombies featured here do not appear consistent with mythology created by World War Z author Max Brooks, which you should totally read.

Anyway, Yasiel Puig hit a home run and surely vanquished these zombies because he’s basically Baseball Brad Pitt.

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  1. Wait, isn’t Baseball Brad Pitt Billy Beane?

  2. This is going to sound outlandish but you guys always have the discussion of who would you build a team around; Trout, Harper, Machado. Could Puig be lumped in there? I know he just started playing but man he can swing a mean stick.

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