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Atlanta Braves v Los Angeles Dodgers

Are you getting sick of Yasiel Puig factoids yet? If so, it is high time you lighten up and appreciate what you’re seeing. Yasiel Puig did it again last night, knocking a home run the opposite way off Giants hurler Madison Bumgarner in the first inning, his seventh of the season. Puig added two more hits, accounting for nearly all the Dodgers scoring in a 3-1 victory over their division rivals.

Puig is yet to amass 100 plate appearances as a big leaguer and has played a grand total of 20 games, yet his 2013 is already worth 2 Wins Above Replacement, most on the Dodgers (by B-Ref).

His seven home runs look extra nice beside a .442/.476.753 line. He hits pitches he has no business hitting…and he hits them hard. He is Puig and he is here to destroy us all.

He hits the first pitch with extreme prejudice, as Vin Scully notes in that highlight pack. He rides pitches on the outside half the other way, for power and profit as well as serving soft singles through the hole. He runs like the wind, sometimes recklessly so but who are we to judge?

He hasn’t really walked yet and his in-play average is through the roof but, watching Puig, does anybody think the time will come when he doesn’t dominate the game?

Everybody slumps. Puig will slump. The soft stuff away will inevitably wear him out…to an extent. But today is not the day to play real or imagined for Yasiel Puig. Today is, like just about every day for the last month, a day to celebrate Yasiel Puig for setting the league on fire.

And the rest

Only four games around the league last night. Four. That is one too many, according to most Phillies fans.

Jonathan Papelbon, praised on these pages for his consistent greatness mere days ago, blew the save against the Padres. Cliff Lee did Cliff Lee things but the Phillies still lost.

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The Pirates have an off day in Seattle, hometown of Pittburgh’s outfielder/meat-loving freak Travis Snider. Off days in Seattle mean one thing for Snider’s teammates: lots of meat.

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  1. The Puig story is fun ,but I thought the real hero of that game was Ryu. Even without his best stuff, he got out of jams and got key outs to hold the Vagiants to one run. Ryu did his best Jeff Bridges impression and showed Mattingly True Grit.

  2. +1 on Ryu. He’s looked great his last 8 or so starts. The front end of the Dodgers rotation is really good but the 4th and 5th spots are where it gets ugly.

  3. Did I just read ‘Vagiants?’ Smdh

  4. Puig looks like he is not even swinging with full power. The way he hit that pitch it looked like he was just trying to foul it off. Is his bat that fast where it looks almost effortless?

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