We got your baseball GIFs right here.

When he’s on, Dickey can make that ball dance, as evidenced by the slo-mo replay via Lookout Landing pictured above. More fancy pictures after the jump

Jayson Nix misses everything

How not to slide with Jose Iglesias

Keep your head up, college boy

VMart the Impossibilist

All the balls are belong to the wall at Angels Stadium

Justin Maxwell gonna Justin Maxwell

Mike Trout gonna Mike Trout

Your New York Yankees

Via @CuriousBigDaddy

The exception of the week

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  1. Wow, forgot about the Maxwell original. We should call him Hollywood because he just made an uncalled for sequel.

  2. Looks like Nix was trying to hit the runner with that throw.

  3. That Rambo movie has enough exceptions to keep you busy for the next year or so.

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