Even though it just opened its doors in 2008, Nats Park has seen its fair share of heartbreak, ugliness, and mishap. There is only so much #NATITUDE one ballpark can be expected to handle. Yesterday, the Nationals turned up the NATITUDE to unseen levels, allowing Stephen Strasburg to come back out for the seventh inning (!) having already thrown 100 pitches (!!!)

This didn’t sit well with the ghosts of Nats Park, who saw fit to do what they could to restore order to their domain. First, they wrecked havoc with the phone system, destroying the Diamondbacks ability to communicate with their bullpen. Later, they started the above fire in the light standard. CHAOS IN THE NATION’S CAPITAL!

“There was a minor technical malfunction in the lights above Section 226,” the team said in a statement. “All those in the vicinity were immediately evacuated and our facilities team is currently looking into what may have caused the problem.”

I suppose we can’t fault the Nats Park Ghosts for stepping in, trying to make things more exciting for the floundering club. Anything to get Nats fans noses out of their books is okay by me.