It’s the Fourth of July, which means things are a lot slower on the world wide web today. We’re celebrating this most joyous occasions, or nursing our Canada Day hangovers, in the only manner we know of… A GIF COMPILATION POST.

This is Getting Blanked’s collection of the best GIFs from the first half of the 2013 season. These are all GIFs created in-house by your dear author, Scott Johnson, and news hounds. Thus, there will be no GIFs of Yu Darvish throwing several baseballs at once, or Clint Hurdle chewing 48 pieces of gum with nine different jaws. Just some good old fashioned fancy moving pictures.

We lead with Jonathan Papelbon walking off the mound following what was clearly an energy drink bath. MOAR GIFs after the jump

Justin Maxwell never stood a chance

Terrified Reds kid steals the show

Carlos Gomez smells the magic

A.J. Burnett don’t care…

… Because he’s A.J. Burnett

The swing that broke Steve Clevenger’s back

The curveball that broke Josh Donaldson

Ron Washington and 100% zero fucks given

VMart will see himself out

Comments (9)

  1. I really wish Ron Washington knew how to manage, because he’s fucking awesome at life. Particularly love the A.J. not caring GIF as well.

  2. I never get tired of that Victor Martinez “play at the plate”.

    Never before have my own baseball instincts been showcased on such a grand stage.

  3. If the camera in that Papelbon shot had panned downwards the audience would’ve been treated to a raging erection.

  4. Great job Scott! Keep it coming.

  5. these are so good. I’d like to know what ALL of them were thinking. Why didn’t Burnett just not catch it?

  6. Ouch, my browser

  7. Isn’t and will never be a better MLB gif than the Fransisco Liriano gif

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