Yesterday, on these fine pages, our own Jack Moore wondered aloud about what constitutes the “play of the year”. Even excluding his Brewers fandom, I think Jack would agree that Carlos Gomez‘s game-saving catch against the Reds all but certainly qualifies. The stakes are high enough (game on the line) and the catch was certainly special enough. I wouldn’t go as far as to call it a “walkoff catch” because that is dumb (very dumb) but the idea is similar.

There were many exciting things which happened last night, including Tim Lincecum making a rare re-appearance in his old form against the Mets – a game his Giants eventually lost in a most “2013 Giants” fashion. Sadly, I saw none of it, as much of Toronto is a very wet place and the flow of electricity was less than reliable.

So this post will stand in as Getting Blanked dries out and figures out what happened last night. Enjoy Carlos Gomez, I know I do.