Milwaukee Brewers v St Louis Cardinals - Game Five

Slow day in the baseball world. Garza, Braun, Matt Moore and more!

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  1. Re: Level of outrage in MLB vs NFL

    This difference is this. Baseball is a game built on narrative. It rose thru the era of radio and it’s ability to spin a tale is it’s great strength. If the story is damaged, the “magic” of the sport is at risk.

    NFL is a visual sport that grew with television. Seeing the detail within it’s performance and replay is it’s strength. The narrative is football is little in comparison to great plays and athletic achievement.

    In hockey it’s all about the giv’er, so when PED’s come up fan just say, “I just wanna se’em giver”.

    It’s that simple.

    In my opinion, those who champion advance stats in baseball would be wise to consider the narrative when moving forward, because even if the data is correct, it will not be be received with a love unless it is described as a story.

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