Bird sing. Fish swim. Giancarlo Stanton hits tape-measure home runs at Coors Field.

Giancarlo Stanton hit his seventh home run in nine career games Coors Field, another tape-measure shot sent dangerously into the left field seats. This shot gets extra credit for the simultaneous orgasm it provoked from the Marlins broadcast team.

While Stanton has so much power that no ballpark can hold him, something special happens when he gets to the altitudinal confines of Coors Field. His seven Coors Field homers are second to only Matt Kemp since the start of the 2010 season – in 75 fewer plate appearances. For his career in Denver, Stanton owns a gaudy .355/.474/1.097 line, good for .599 wOBA, third best among players with 8 or more games in that timeframe.

It isn’t just the hits for Stanton at Coors, it is the nature of the shots. His seven homers travelled an average distance of 459 feet. AVERAGE. The above shot flew a mere 427 feet. Few will forget the 490 bomb he hit last season.

The exploits of Giancarlo Stanton were only one reason for excitement among Marlins “fans” last night. Firstly, their ace and 20-year old stud Jose Fernandez threw another strong outing, striking out eight batters in seven innings, allowing just two runs in his first trip to the ballpark that breaking balls forgot.

Fernandez is putting together a very impressive rookie campaign, sporting a 2.74 ERA and a strikeout rate just under 25%. His numbers compare quite nicely to those of Shelby Miller, making for tough NL Rookie of the Year vote this fall.

The future of Marlins outfield played their first game together at Coors Field as well, as two of the best Marlins prospects made their big league debuts. Christian Yelich and Jake Marisnick got the call Monday night and both were in the lineup Tuesday, with Yelich making the most of his first game by grabbing three hits and driving in two runs.

Yelich owns as nice a swing as you’ll see and he has never had trouble putting the bat on the ball. Marisnick went 0-4 in his first game but the centerfielder who shows an Andrew McCutchen-type profile: not outstanding at any one facet of the game but very good when you add all the parts together. He played center field last night and should for the immediate future.

It is never an exciting time to be a Marlins fans but this has to be as close as it gets. Stanton is back, Fernandez is a beast and the future roster is already breaking down the door. Hey, it beats thinking about Juan Pierre and Jeff Mathis!

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