Last night, the Seattle Mariners gagged away a five-run ninth inning lead. The Mariners built that lead on the strength of a Henry Blanco grand slam. It was the well-travelled catcher’s second grand slam of the season, as he hit one in his first game with Seattle after the Blue Jays cut him loose in June.

Henry Blanco, two grand slams in one season. Awesome! Can’t predict baseball, eh? Two grand slams in five plate appearances with the sacks drunk this season, super awesome!

Hank White’s bases loaded excellence in 2013 got me thinking and got me Play Indexing. Turns out Henry Blanco has more grand slams this year than Derek Jeter and Prince Fielder have in their entire careers. Wait, what?

Rk I Player Split HR ā–“ HRtot Diff PA H 2B 3B RBI BB SO BA OBP SLG OPS
1 Derek Jeter 111 1 256 -255 293 82 10 2 217 30 46 .327 .392 .394 .787
2 Prince Fielder 111 1 277 -276 119 29 8 0 84 6 19 .290 .294 .400 .694
3 Dan Uggla 111 2 230 -228 113 30 10 0 86 13 24 .330 .389 .505 .895
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Generated 8/2/2013.

[Link for splits of all active players (min 200 home runs) with the bases loaded]

Derek Jeter’s only career grand slam came so long ago (2005) that there doesn’t appear to be any video of it on the internet. It came off Joe Borowski, to hammer that point home even further.

At least Prince Fielder’s only grand slam came at the best possible moment: down three in the eighth inning.

Three active players with more than 200 career home runs have fewer grand slams than Henry freaking Blanco amassed over his storied career. More specifically, fewer grand slams than a 41-year-old light-hitting backup catcher during a season in which he’s played sparingly for two different organizations. A player with 71 career home runs who had just one grand slam as of two months ago.