This week’s crop of baseball GIFs features a pair of mind-melting pitches, a man licking a baseball, and David Ortiz going Office Space on a dugout phone. We lead things off with Chad Qualls’ failed attempt at a fist pump.

All GIFs were created by myself and theScore dot com’s news hounds, unless otherwise noted. Big glove taps to the brothers Toman at Game Reax, and Josh Gold-Smith.


Iwakuma can field

David Ortiz pummels a phone

Check that ball for elevated levels of GROOVY

Just Cory Luebke licking a baseball

A Villar display of power

There is no spoon

Melky’s fake out of the week

The exception of the week

Comments (4)

  1. Dustin Pedroia cowers in fear would be an equally apt title for that GIF.

    • Can’t blame the poor guy. I would have cowered even without the phone bashing – Ortiz scares me.

  2. Qualls calls it the Reverse Robbie Keane.

  3. So much is made about Jose Bautistas treatment of umpires but David Ortiz has been pulling stuff like this for YEARS, like a decade or more and no one talks about it. He flips the fuck out pretty well every time he gets a called strike three.

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