John Munson/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

John Munson/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

David Wright is really good at baseball. If you’re reading this, you probably knew this already. For whatever reason, I feel like this fact gets lost in the shuffle from time to time. “Getting lost in the shuffle” is pretty much what playing third base is all about, but it is important to take a moment or two and recognize that, yes, David Wright is really good.

Being a third baseman is a tough racket. Is it a defensive position? An offensive position? It helps if you can do both, of course, but the defensive requirements tend to drag down the offensive quality of players at the hot corner, which results in fewer 3B in the Hall of Fame than other positions.

David Wright is good at playing third base. He’s really good at the plate, too. Despite being at worst the second best player on some very good Mets teams at a young age, Wright has “toiled” in “relative obscurity” over the last few seasons as the Mets get their financial house in order and rebuild their organization top to bottom.

Whenever they finish, the Mets have one of the best players in franchise history to lead them. One of the best third basemen in the game today and, perhaps, one of the better third basemen of all time?

Still just 30 years old, Wright’s name pops up on all manner of career third base leaderboards. Most Wins Above Replacement through age 25 by a 3B since World War II? There’s David Wright, alone in third.

How about most rWAR by at the hot corner through age 30, all time? Look, it’s David Wright again!

1 Eddie Mathews 73.4 1634 7124 20-30 1690 248 61 399 1031 976 59 .282 .386 .543 .929
2 Ron Santo 61.9 1690 7186 20-30 1740 277 58 279 860 1004 29 .280 .366 .478 .844
3 Mike Schmidt 59.1 1234 5158 22-30 1104 208 39 283 778 1077 129 .259 .375 .525 .901
4 George Brett 59.0 1358 5863 20-30 1676 341 100 150 474 358 131 .316 .370 .503 .873
5 Dick Allen 51.5 1291 5482 21-30 1412 236 71 271 685 1208 96 .298 .386 .550 .935
6 Wade Boggs 51.4 1027 4629 24-30 1392 263 29 61 647 288 12 .356 .445 .485 .929
7 Buddy Bell 49.4 1523 6372 20-30 1642 264 37 122 479 496 40 .285 .339 .407 .746
8 Scott Rolen 47.4 1251 5345 21-30 1300 308 29 231 625 972 92 .284 .375 .515 .890
9 David Wright 46.2 1366 5913 21-30 1550 345 25 219 668 1084 183 .301 .382 .506 .888
10 Home Run Baker 45.6 999 4242 22-30 1200 217 90 58 302 262 187 .316 .372 .467 .838
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Generated 8/2/2013.

Wins Above Replacement give you the willies? Don’t worry, Wright still ranks ninth all-time by OPS+ as well. Home runs? Ranks 12th all-time through age 30. This is all a long way of saying David Wright’s career is on a historic path.

Which should not undersell his present, as he is a MVP candidate again this season for the also-ran Mets. A .308/.391/.506 line with 15 home runs and 17 stolen bases is good for a 153 wRC+ in 2013, the highest of his career. That wRC+ is second in the NL, behind just Joey Votto.

To his eternal credit, David Wright made significant adjustments to his game a few years ago. His strikeout rate sort of exploded for a few years before Wright started making more contact again. A return to his 2006-2008 levels of production was the result.

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Strikeout rate goes up, weighted-on base goes down. Strikeout rate goes back down, production goes way up, too! All the while playing the role of captain and playing every day for poor/reloading squads. And playing for his country at the World Baseball Classic. And serving as host at the most recent All Star game at Citi Field.

The New York Mets signed Wright to a lucrative contract extension this past winter, ensuring he gets to chill with Mr. Met through the 2020 season. As far as franchise cornerstones, you could do a lot worse. In fact, you would be hard pressed to do much better. David Wright, very good.

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  1. The guy is always a pleasure to watch, his only flaw is that he’s sort of milquetoast in the personality department.

    • Although if he was a Yankee that would make hi Derek Jeter right?

    • this is such a dumb thing to say i dont even know where to start, his job is to play baseball and he is good at his job,

  2. He’s been my favorite player forever it seems so it blows me away that he’s still only 30.

    I was lucky enough to see him play in person in NY and he even happened to hit a home run in that game which only made me like him more.

    Great guy for the league and definitely one of the very best.

  3. Looks like he blew out his hamstring last night… too bad

  4. How is W.A.R a good stat if his W.A.R never gets his Mets into the playoffs? If you people had any respect for the players of yesteryear , you would ignore W.A.R. Not 1 old time player would accept it, and without them Baseball wouldn’t be what it is today

    • How are RBIs a good stat if his RBIs never get the Mets into the playoffs?

    • They made the playoffs in 2006. They finished second in 2007. It isn’t David Wright’s fault he can’t pitch.

      The stats players care about are those that get them paid. It used to be rbi – but no longer.

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