Detroit Tigers v New York Yankees - Game Two

HIROK! and other pitchers who are not HIROK are celebrated for their excessive awesomeness. That and praise (!) for the Royals and a Prop Hate UPSET!

I would urge you to vote in the facebook poll but facebook doesn’t have polls anymore, so just vote in the comments.


  • Cleveland at Minnesota
  • San Diego at Colorado
  • Houston at Oakland

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Comments (29)

  1. Cleveland vs. Minnesota

    Feel the burn.

  2. San Diego at Colorado, Sorry Drew.

  3. San Diego at Colorado – godspeed Drew, godspeed

  4. San Diego at Colorado

    • I just realized they won last month as well…and it’s the same pitching matchup for tomorrow’s game – Cashner vs De La Rosa.

  5. •San Diego at Colorado

  6. Cleveland at Minnesota

  7. San Diego at Colorado

  8. San Diego at Colorado

    You’re welcome.

  9. Cleveland vs Minnesota

  10. Absolutely San Diego at Colorado. Why? Because I’ll be going to some Padres games next weekend, and I need to know what to expect.

  11. Cleveland vs Minnesota.

  12. Drew, because I love you, A’s vs ‘Stros!

  13. San Diego at Colorado

  14. SD vs. Col, have a good night!

  15. san diego v colorado

  16. I know first hand jut how bad the experience can be, so I can’t subject Drew to SD @ Col (Dinger dancing behind the plate is the worst). I’ll say Cleveland vs. Minnesota and pray that Sano and Buxton are called up for Twins experiencing flu like symptoms.

  17. San Diego at Colorado. Do it.

  18. SD @ Colorado and Todd Helton’s big gulp cups of wine.

  19. San Diego at Colorado

    P.S. I’m sorry Drew.

  20. MANSHIP!
    ’nuff said

  21. Tough call but if it’s for today’s game I gotta go San Diego at Colorado for late start extra punishment goodness.

  22. San Diego @ Colorado

  23. San Diego @ Colorado… sorry, Drew.

  24. SD @ COL, and take it like a man Drew.

  25. SD @ Col. You’re going to have to get Scott back for this one.

  26. Houston vs Oakland

    Having to look at the coliseum for 3+ hours is being strongly overlooked.

  27. Cleveland v Twins.

    Don’t you even think about logging off.

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